The Book

Heiko Saxo – Der Autokünstler !
Picture book with 300 pages and motorsport music cd

Getty Sculptures

Jean Paul Getty Cadillac
99 steel – crude oil sculptures with 24 ct Gold and 100,000 crystals created from the original Cadillac by Jean Paul Getty

Engine Watches

12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 Cylinder
Piston Engine Watches

Motorsport Watches

Unique Dials
Swiss made watches in motorsport design with miniature hand paintings

Monte Carlo

Car Performances
16.09.2008, 1st motorsport performance „Flying Porsche 550 Spyder“ in 24 ct gold on helicopter over Monte-Carlo with Heli Air Monaco, cover newspaper Monaco Matin

Rally Symphony

Motorsport Music and Art



Ecclestone Symphony
Ecclestone – most sporting musical show in the world

Rolling Works of Art

Las Vegas and Europe
Car Design
Car Hand-paintings

Engine Artworks

Car Sculptures
Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche & Co – sculptures created from original cars

Crude Oil Artworks

Handmade Uniques
Car Art in Crude Oil and 24K Gold on Canvas


Legend on G.Rock
Architecture, Symbol,  Art & Motorsport Museum Automobil Club Gibraltar Foundation

V2 Artworks

Motorcycle Art
Custom Design

Flying Art

Constructions in 24k gold: Helicopter Porsche and MiG23 in art concepts

Car Handbags

Limited Edition
New collection „Golden Hearts Never Die Car Handbags“ in calf leather with special car design, 4 models, in different colour

Horse Power

Racing Art
3D Paintings

Body Art

Models & Cars
Motorsport Calender

Car Pop Art

Car Icons
in magical colours

Sports Car Paintings

100 Percent Grip
1000 Legends from 1913 to 2021 Unique pieces in acrylic and oil


Power Paintings
Original painting „Madonna“ in acrylic 1.5m x 1.5m presentation in Los Angeles, New York, Galerie Walentowski Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin, for sale in Monaco in favour of planned museumn

Hello John TV

John Future
“Imagine – here is John – in heaven rings my HelloPhone“, music, film and show

Queen Elizabeth

The Royal Symphony – Queen Elizabeth
„The Royal Symphony Queen Elizabeth-Golden Hearts Never Die“ with parts played by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Ensemble


Honorary Medals
Honorary medal, 999 silver, for the 80th birthday of Her Majesty, motif „Queen Elizabeth II“
Tourism Medals


Parfume – „Queen Elizabeth Symphony“
Perfume flacon and essence Scent of Rose „Queen Elizabeth- Symphony“ and „Queen Elizabeth- Opera“ with painting „Queen Elizabeth II

1St Parfume Artwork

45000 Crystals & Diamonds
Queen Elizabeth Perfume Artwork flies on a helicopter around the w
1,000 crowns and bottles
1,000 Kg, 3m x 2m





Engine Watches


Description Mach 2

Casing: stainless steel, dimension 77mm x 60mm 
plus crown, height 11mm*, weight 290g* 
with motorsport etchings, hardened mineral glass.

Dial: Brass gold-plated or sterling silver-plated, with miniature motorsport paintings in acrylic, with 
hand engravings, all unique artworks, handmade by Dr. h.c. Heiko Saxo in Greenwich, fluorescent scale, 12 screws gold-plated mark the hours, metal frame gold-plated with Tacho scale and signature from 
artist, Golden Hearts Never Die label gold-plated, with diamond 0,1* ct.

Hands: hour, minute and second, fluorescent, gold-plated.

Movement: Miyota 82S5, gilt, 2 Hands / Small 
Second, height 5.67mm, 21 jewels, automatic 
and hand winding.

Engine Simulation: Aluminium holder with décor screws, hand engravings and serial number, special construction with crankshaft, conrod and pistons. Crankshaft with 2 revolutions, simulation patented.

Caseback: stainless steel gold-plated, mineral glass, motorsport etchings, serial number.

Crown: metal gold-plated, 1 green and 2 red stones, stop and go simulation.

Bracelet: calf leather and stingray, inside circuit 
embossing, 2 motorsport application gold-plated, clasp gold-plated, flags gold-plated.
Service: Saxo Watches MACH4, London
All watches come with black highclass case and 
certificate card.

PRICE: 50.000 EUR | 44.500 GBP







Description Mach 9

Casing: stainless steel, dimension 50mm x 55mm plus crown, height 10*mm, weight 160g*, 
with 6 decor screws, motif number, mineral glass.

Dial: Brass, with miniature motorsport paintings in acrylic and 24 ct gold leaf, hand engravings, all unique artworks, handmade by Dr. h.c. Heiko Saxo in Greenwich, with Tacho scale and signature from artist, HSW logo gold-plated, with diamond 0,05* ct.

Hands: hour, minute and second, fluorescent.

Movement: Ronda 763 Quartz, 
caliber 6 3/4 x 8, gilt, Swiss.

Caseback: stainless steel, engine etching, 
serial number, 3 ATM.

Crown: stainless steel, brass or brass.

Bracelet: black leather with red lines, 2×2 decor rivets, leather complete hand-painted in acrylic 
and 24 ct gold leaf.

Service: Saxo Watches MACH4, London

All watches come with black highclass case 
and certificate card.

PRICE: 2.500 EUR | 2.200 GBP



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